Aspose.OCR Namespace
Aspose.OCR namespace provides classes that allow to run and configure optical character recognition tasks.
Public classBuildVersionInfo
Represents common information about build.
Public classCode exampleCorrectionFilters
Represents filters for denoising of image before recognition.
Public classFilter
This class represents an abstract image correction algoritm.
Public classCode exampleImageStream
This factory creates objects of “IImageStream” type. This has a set of static methods for creating objects from different input data.
Public classCode exampleLanguageContainer
A container for recognition languages.

Recognition of multiple languages. The text is recognized by words. Each recognized word has a specific language. There is a priority in recognition languages. Language that was added earlier to the collection has a higher priority. If the word is identical in several languages, a language that was earlier added to the collection will be selected.

Public classCode exampleLanguageFactory
A factory for creating objects of type ILanguage. It has static methods for creating languages.
Public classCode exampleLicense
Provides methods to license the component.
Public classCode exampleMetered
Provides methods to set metered key.
Public classNotifierFactory
This is factory for creating objects of type "INotifier". It has a set of static methods for creating objects from different input data.
Public classCode exampleOCRConfig
Configuration for OCR system. OCRConfig provides methods for customizing of the image processing and recognition
Public classCode exampleOcrEngine
Main Aspose.OCR class. Users will use instance of this class most of the time. OcrEngine provides methods for image processing, choosing language and recognition process
Public classOcrException
This exception indicates an exception while working with OCR module.
Public classPage
Perpesents separate page with recognition results.
Public classCode examplePreprocessedImages
Containes several modifications of source image, that were obtained during different preprocessing steps
Public classCode exampleRecognitionBlock
This factory creates objects of type IRecognitionBlock. This has a set of static methods for creating objects from different input data.
Public interfaceCode exampleIImageStream
This interface is for working with images. Data format is specified in the field “Format”. Instance of this interface is required for recognition in “OCREngine”. Instance of this interface can be construct in ImageStream factory only.
Public interfaceCode exampleILanguage
This interface represents recognition language.
Public interfaceINotifier
This interface represents a notifier. Each notifier can send event (recognized word, recognized several characters).
Public interfaceCode exampleIRecognitionBlock
This interface represents a block.

Block is a rectangular region that may contain text, picture or any other data. OCR Engine will recognize whole image and will try to find text blocks by itself, if blocks are not specified by user.

Public interfaceIRecognizedPartInfo
Interface that presents information about part of the recognized text. Could be text or detected picture block
Public interfaceCode exampleIRecognizedText
This interface is for work with recognized text. The result may be in multiple formats (plain text, array parts with details on each, in the hOCR format).
Public interfaceCode exampleIRecognizedTextPartInfo
This interface presents information about each part of the recognized text.

Part of text seems one part, that has all the same characteristics (style, color, etc.). It is divided by the words into parts, if have large text that has the same style.

Public delegateNotifierHandler
Delegate for Elapsed event.
Public enumerationAdjustRotationMode
Define adjust rotation mode.
Public enumerationAdjustUpsideDownRotationMode
Define adjust upsidedown orientation mode.
Public enumerationImageStreamFormat
Enumerable of data formats of images.
Public enumerationTextPartLevel
Level of IRecognizedTextPartInfo object. Could be text block, line, word or character