TagIcon Enumeration
Specifies the icon of tag or task icon.

Namespace: Aspose.Note
Assembly: Aspose.Note (in Aspose.Note.dll) Version: 19.1
public enum TagIcon
  Member nameValueDescription
NoIcon0 Icon isn't specified icon.
GreenCheckBox1 Green check box icon.
YellowCheckBox2 Yellow check box icon.
BlueCheckBox3 Blue check box icon.
GreenStarCheckBox4 Green-star check box icon.
YellowStarCheckBox5 Yellow-star check box icon.
BlueStarCheckBox6 Blue-star check box icon.
GreenExclamationCheckBox7 Green-exclamation check box icon.
YellowExclamationCheckBox8 Yellow-exclamation check box icon.
BlueExclamationCheckBox9 Blue-exclamation check box icon.
GreenRightArrowCheckBox10 Green, right-arrow check box icon.
YellowRightArrowCheckBox11 Yellow, right-arrow check box icon.
BlueRightArrowCheckBox12 Blue, right-arrow check box icon.
YellowStar13 Yellow star icon.
BlueFollowUpFlag14 Blue follow-up flag icon.
QuestionMark15 Question mark icon.
BlueRightArrow16 Blue right arrow icon.
HighPriority17 High priority (red exclamation mark) icon.
ContactInformation18 Contact information icon.
Meeting19 Meeting (calendar) icon.
TimeSensitive20 Time-sensitive icon.
LightBulb21 Light bulb icon.
Pushpin22 Pushpin icon.
Home23 Home icon.
CommentBubble24 Comment bubble icon.
SmilingFace25 Smiling face icon.
AwardRibbon26 Award ribbon icon.
YellowKey27 Yellow key icon.
BlueCheckBox128 Blue check box 1 icon.
BlueCircle129 Blue circle 1 icon.
BlueCheckBox230 Blue check box 2 icon.
BlueCircle231 Blue circle 2 icon.
BlueCheckBox332 Blue check box 3 icon.
BlueCircle333 Blue circle 3 icon.
BlueEightPointStar34 Blue, eight-point star icon.
BlueCheckMark35 Blue check mark icon.
BlueCircle36 Blue circle icon.
BlueDownArrow37 Blue down arrow icon.
BlueLeftArrow38 Blue left arrow icon.
BlueSolidTarget39 Blue solid target icon.
BlueStar40 Blue star icon.
BlueSun41 Blue sun icon.
BlueTarget42 Blue target icon.
BlueTriangle43 Blue triangle icon.
BlueUmbrella44 Blue umbrella icon.
BlueUpArrow45 Blue up arrow icon.
BlueXWithDots46 Blue "X" with dots icon.
BlueXNo47 Blue "X" icon.
GreenCheckBox148 Green check box 1 icon.
GreenCircle149 Green circle 1 icon.
GreenCheckBox250 Green check box 2 icon.
GreenCircle251 Green circle 2 icon.
GreenCheckBox352 Green check box 3 icon.
GreenCircle353 Green circle 3 icon.
GreenEightPointStar54 Green, eight-point star icon.
GreenCheckMark55 Green check mark icon.
GreenCircle56 Green circle icon.
GreenDownArrow57 Green down arrow icon.
GreenLeftArrow58 Green left arrow icon.
GreenRightArrow59 Green right arrow icon.
GreenSolidArrow60 Green solid arrow icon.
GreenStar61 Green star icon.
GreenSun62 Green sun icon.
GreenTarget63 Green target icon.
GreenTriangle64 Green triangle icon.
GreenUmbrella65 Green umbrella icon.
GreenUpArrow66 Green up arrow icon.
GreenXWithDots67 Green "X" with dots icon.
GreenXNo68 Green "X" icon.
YellowCheckBox169 Yellow check box 1 icon.
YellowCircle170 Yellow circle 1 icon.
YellowCheckBox271 Yellow check box 2 icon.
YellowCircle272 Yellow circle 2 icon.
YellowCheckBox373 Yellow check box 3 icon.
YellowCircle374 Yellow circle 3 icon.
YellowEightPointStar75 Yellow, eight-point star icon.
YellowCheckMark76 Yellow check mark icon.
YellowCircle77 Yellow circle icon.
YellowDownArrow78 Yellow down arrow icon.
YellowLeftArrow79 Yellow left arrow icon.
YellowRightArrow80 Yellow right arrow icon.
YellowSolidTarget81 Yellow solid target icon.
YellowSun82 Yellow sun icon.
YellowTarget83 Yellow target icon.
YellowTriangle84 Yellow triangle icon.
YellowUmbrella85 Yellow umbrella icon.
YellowUpArrow86 Yellow up arrow icon.
YellowXWithDots87 Yellow "X" with dots icon.
YellowX88 Yellow "X" icon.
FollowUpTodayFlag89 Follow up today flag icon.
FollowUpTomorrowFlag90 Follow up tomorrow flag icon.
FollowUpThisWeekFlag91 Follow up this week flag icon.
FollowUpNextWeekFlag92 Follow up next week flag icon.
NoFollowUpDateFlag93 No follow-up date flag icon.
BluePersonCheckBox94 Blue person check box icon.
YellowPersonCheckBox95 Yellow person check box icon.
GreenPersonCheckBox96 Green person check box icon.
BlueFlagCheckBox97 Blue flag check box icon.
RedFlagCheckBox98 Red flag check box icon.
GreenFlagCheckBox99 Green flag check box icon.
RedSquare100 Red square icon.
YellowSquare101 Yellow square icon.
BlueSquare102 Blue square icon.
GreenSquare103 Green square icon.
OrangeSquare104 Orange square icon.
PinkSquare105 Pink square icon.
EMailMessage106 E-mail message icon.
ClosedEnvelope107 Closed envelope icon.
OpenEnvelope108 Open envelope icon.
MobilePhone109 Mobile phone icon.
TelephoneWithClock110 Telephone with clock icon.
QuestionBalloon111 Question balloon icon.
PaperClip112 Paper clip icon.
FrowningFace113 Frowning face icon.
InstantMessagingContactPerson114 Instant messaging (IM) contact person icon.
PersonWithExclamationMark115 Person with exclamation mark icon.
TwoPeople116 Two people icon.
ReminderBell117 Reminder bell icon.
ContactPersonOnCard118 Contact (person on a card) icon.
RoseOnStem119 Rose on a stem icon.
CalendarDateWithClock120 Calendar date with clock icon.
MusicalNote121 Musical note icon.
MovieClip122 Movie clip icon.
QuotationMark123 Quotation mark icon.
Globe124 Globe icon.
HyperlinkGlobe125 Hyperlink globe icon.
Laptop126 Laptop icon.
Plane127 Plane icon.
Car128 Icon with a car.
Binoculars129 Binoculars icon.
PresentationSlide130 Presentation slide icon.
Padlock131 Padlock icon.
OpenBook132 Open book icon.
NotebookWithClock133 Notebook with clock icon.
BlankPaperWithLines134 Blank paper with lines icon.
Research135 Research (books with a magnifying glass) icon.
Pen136 Icon with a pen.
DollarSign137 Dollar sign ($) icon.
CoinsWithWindowBackdrop138 Coins with a window backdrop icon.
ScheduledTask139 Scheduled task (form with a clock) icon.
LightningBolt140 Lightning bolt icon.
Cloud141 Cloud icon.
Heart142 Heart icon.
Sunflower143 Sunflower icon.
BlueCheckBox1Empty144 Blue empty check box1 icon.
BlueCheckBox2Empty145 Blue empty check box2 icon.
BlueCheckBox3Empty146 Blue empty check box3 icon.
BlueCheckBoxEmpty147 Blue empty check box icon.
BlueExclamationCheckBoxEmpty148 Blue exclamation check box empty icon.
BlueFlagCheckBoxEmpty149 Blue flag check box empty icon.
BluePersonCheckBoxEmpty150 Blue person check box empty icon.
BlueRightArrowCheckBoxEmpty151 Blue right arrow check box empty icon.
BlueStarCheckBoxEmpty152 Blue star check box empty icon.
GreenCheckBox1Empty153 Green empty check box1 icon.
GreenCheckBox2Empty154 Green empty check box2 icon.
GreenCheckBox3Empty155 Green empty check box3 icon.
GreenCheckBoxEmpty156 Green empty check box icon.
GreenExclamationCheckBoxEmpty157 Green exclamation empty check box icon.
GreenFlagCheckBoxEmpty158 Green flag empty check box icon.
GreenPersonCheckBoxEmpty159 Green person empty check box icon.
GreenRightArrowCheckBoxEmpty160 Green right empty arrow check box icon.
GreenStarCheckBoxEmpty161 Green star empty check box icon.
RedFlagCheckBoxEmpty162 Red empty flag check box icon.
YellowCheckBox1Empty163 Yellow empty check box1 icon.
YellowCheckBox2Empty164 Yellow empty check box2 icon.
YellowCheckBox3Empty165 Yellow empty check box3 icon.
YellowCheckBoxEmpty166 Yellow empty check box icon.
YellowExclamationCheckBoxEmpty167 Yellow empty exclamation check box icon.
YellowPersonCheckBoxEmpty168 Yellow empty person check box icon.
YellowRightArrowCheckBoxEmpty169 Yellow empty right arrow check box icon.
YellowStarCheckBoxEmpty170 Yellow empty star check box icon.
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