Aspose.Html.Saving Namespace
Public classHTMLSaveOptions
Represents HTML save options.
Public classMarkdownSaveOptions
Represents Markdown save options.
Public classMHTMLSaveOptions
Represents MHTML save options.
Public classResourceHandlingOptions
Represents resource handling options.
Public classSaveOptions
This is an abstract base class for classes that allow the user to specify additional options when saving a document into a particular format.
Public enumerationHTMLSaveFormat
Specifies format in which document is saved.
Public enumerationMarkdownFeatures
A MarkdownFeatures flag set is a set of zero or more of the following flags, which are used to select elements converted to markdown.
Public enumerationMarkdownFormatter
Specifies the way output will be formatted.
Public enumerationResourceHandling
This enum represents resource handling options.
Public enumerationUrlRestriction
This enum represents restriction applied to URLs of processed resources.