Aspose.Gis Namespace
Aspose.Gis namespace provides classes for generating, converting, and modifying GIS data.
Public classAbstractPath
An AbstractPath is a base class for classes that specify a unique location in an environment similar to a filesystem, like a local filesystem, a remote file storage or a ZIP archive, among others.
Public classConversionOptions
Options for converting data between formats.
Public classDataset
A dataset is the collection of VectorLayer instances.
Public classDriver
A driver for a specific format.
Public classDriverOptions
Options for a Driver.
Public classDrivers
Drivers for all supported formats.
Public classExtent
A two-dimensional spatial bounding box.
Public classFeature
A geographic feature composed of a geometry and user-defined attributes.
Public classFeatureAttribute
An attribute of a Feature.
Public classFeatureAttributeCollection
A FeatureAttributeCollection defines what attributes are available for a Feature.
Public classGisException
The exception that is thrown when an error occurs during GIS data processing.
Public classLicense
Provides methods to license the component.
Public classPrecisionModel
PrecisionModel specifies a number of significant digits in a coordinate.
Public classVectorLayer
Represents a vector layer. A vector layer is a collection of geographic features, stored in a file.
Public interfaceIAttributesConverter
A custom converter for layer attributes.
Public enumerationAttributeDataType
The data type of a feature attribute.