DiagramSaveOptions Class
Can be used to specify additional options when saving a diagram into Visio (VDX\VSX) format.
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Namespace: Aspose.Diagram.Saving
Assembly: Aspose.Diagram (in Aspose.Diagram.dll) Version: (20.2)
public class DiagramSaveOptions : SaveOptions

The DiagramSaveOptions type exposes the following members.

Public methodDiagramSaveOptions
Initializes a new instance of this class that can be used to save a diagram in the VDX format.
Public methodDiagramSaveOptions(SaveFileFormat)
Initializes a new instance of this class that can be used to save a diagram in the VDX or VSX format.
Public propertyAutoFitPageToDrawingContent
Defines whether need enlarge page to fit drawing content or not.
Public propertyDefaultFont
When characters in the diagram are unicode and not be set with correct font value or the font is not installed locally, they may appear as block in pdf, image or XPS. Set the DefaultFont such as MingLiu or MS Gothic to show these characters.
(Inherited from SaveOptions.)
Public propertySaveFormat
Specifies the format in which the rendered diagram will be saved if this save options object is used. Can be VDX or VSX.
(Overrides SaveOptionsSaveFormat.)
Public propertyWarningCallback
Gets or sets warning callback.
(Inherited from SaveOptions.)
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At the moment provides only the SaveFormat property, but in the future will have other options added.
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