LoadOptions Class
Represents the options of loading the file.
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Namespace: Aspose.Cells
Assembly: Aspose.Cells (in Aspose.Cells.dll) Version: (19.9)
public class LoadOptions

The LoadOptions type exposes the following members.

Public methodLoadOptions
Creates an options of loading the file.
Public methodLoadOptions(LoadFormat)
Creates an options of loading the file.
Public propertyAutoFitterOptions
Gets and sets the auto fitter options
Public propertyCheckExcelRestriction
Whether check restriction of excel file when user modify cells related objects. For example, excel does not allow inputting string value longer than 32K. When you input a value longer than 32K such as by Cell.PutValue(string), if this property is true, you will get an Exception. If this property is false, we will accept your input string value as the cell's value so that later you can output the complete string value for other file formats such as CSV. However, if you have set such kind of value that is invalid for excel file format, you should not save the workbook as excel file format later. Otherwise there may be unexpected error for the generated excel file.
Public propertyCultureInfo
Gets or sets the system culture info at the time the file was loaded.
Public propertyFontConfigs
Gets and sets individual font configs. Only works for the Workbook which uses this LoadOptions to load.>
Public propertyIgnoreNotPrinted
Ignore the data which are not printed if directly printing the file
Public propertyInterruptMonitor
Gets and sets the interrupt monitor.
Public propertyLanguageCode
Gets or sets the user interface language of the Workbook version based on CountryCode that has saved the file.
Public propertyLightCellsDataHandler
The data handler for processing cells data when reading template file.
Public propertyLoadFilter
The filter to denote how to load data.
Public propertyLoadFormat
Gets the load format.
Public propertyMemorySetting
Gets or sets the memory usage options.
Public propertyParsingFormulaOnOpen
Indicates whether parsing the formula when reading the file.
Public propertyParsingPivotCachedRecords
Inidicates whether parsing pivot cached records when loadiing the file. The default value is false.
Public propertyPassword
Gets and set the password of the workbook.
Public propertyRegion
Gets or sets the system regional settings based on CountryCode at the time the file was loaded.
Public propertyStandardFont
Sets the default standard font name
Public propertyStandardFontSize
Sets the default standard font size.
Public propertyWarningCallback
Gets or sets warning callback.
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Protected fieldm_LoadFormat
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