ExternalConnection Class
Specifies an external data connection
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Namespace: Aspose.Cells.ExternalConnections
Assembly: Aspose.Cells (in Aspose.Cells.dll) Version: (19.11)
public abstract class ExternalConnection

The ExternalConnection type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBackgroundRefresh
Indicates whether the connection can be refreshed in the background (asynchronously). true if preferred usage of the connection is to refresh asynchronously in the background; false if preferred usage of the connection is to refresh synchronously in the foreground.
Public propertyConnectionDescription
Specifies the user description for this connection
Public propertyConnectionId
Specifies The unique identifier of this connection.
Public propertyCredentials Obsolete.
Specifies the authentication method to be used when establishing (or re-establishing) the connection.
Public propertyCredentialsMethodType
Specifies the authentication method to be used when establishing (or re-establishing) the connection.
Public propertyId
Gets the id of the connection.
Public propertyIsDeleted
Indicates whether the associated workbook connection has been deleted. true if the connection has been deleted; otherwise, false.
Public propertyIsNew
True if the connection has not been refreshed for the first time; otherwise, false. This state can happen when the user saves the file before a query has finished returning.
Public propertyKeepAlive
True when the spreadsheet application should make efforts to keep the connection open. When false, the application should close the connection after retrieving the information.
Public propertyName
Specifies the name of the connection. Each connection must have a unique name.
Public propertyOdcFile
Specifies the full path to external connection file from which this connection was created. If a connection fails during an attempt to refresh data, and reconnectionMethod=1, then the spreadsheet application will try again using information from the external connection file instead of the connection object embedded within the workbook.
Public propertyOnlyUseConnectionFile
Indicates whether the spreadsheet application should always and only use the connection information in the external connection file indicated by the odcFile attribute when the connection is refreshed. If false, then the spreadsheet application should follow the procedure indicated by the reconnectionMethod attribute
Public propertyParameters
Gets ConnectionParameterCollection for an ODBC or web query.
Public propertyReconnectionMethod Obsolete.
Specifies what the spreadsheet application should do when a connection fails. The default value is ReConnectionMethodType.Required.
Public propertyReconnectionMethodType
Specifies what the spreadsheet application should do when a connection fails.The default value is ReConnectionMethodType.Required.
Public propertyRefreshInternal
Specifies the number of minutes between automatic refreshes of the connection.
Public propertyRefreshOnLoad
True if this connection should be refreshed when opening the file; otherwise, false.
Public propertySaveData
True if the external data fetched over the connection to populate a table is to be saved with the workbook; otherwise, false.
Public propertySavePassword
True if the password is to be saved as part of the connection string; otherwise, False.
Public propertySourceFile
Used when the external data source is file-based. When a connection to such a data source fails, the spreadsheet application attempts to connect directly to this file. May be expressed in URI or system-specific file path notation.
Public propertySSOId
Identifier for Single Sign On (SSO) used for authentication between an intermediate spreadsheetML server and the external data source.
Public propertyType
Gets or Sets the external connection DataSource type.
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