Aspose.ThreeD.Render Namespace
Public classDriverException
The exception raised by internal rendering drivers.
Public classGLSLSource
The source code of shaders in GLSL
Public classInitializationException
Exceptions in render pipeline initialization
Public classPostProcessing
The post-processing effects
Public classRenderableResource
Base class for all renderable resources
Public classRenderer
The context about renderer.
Public classRenderFactory
RenderFactory creates all resources that represented in rendering pipeline.
Public classRenderParameters
Describe the parameters of the render target
Public classRenderResource
The abstract class of all render resources All render resources will be disposed when the renderer is released. Classes like Mesh/Texture will have a corresponding RenderResource
Public classRenderState
Render state used by IRenderable
Public classShaderException
Shader related exceptions
Public classShaderProgram
The shader program
Public classShaderSet
Shader programs for each kind of materials
Public classShaderSource
The source code of shader
Public classShaderVariable
Shader variable
Public classStencilState
Stencil states per face.
Public classTextureData
This class contains the raw data and format definition of a texture.
Public classViewport
A IRenderTarget contains at least one viewport for rendering the scene.
Public interfaceIBuffer
The base interface of all managed buffers used in rendering
Public interfaceIIndexBuffer
The index buffer describes the geometry used in rendering pipeline.
Public interfaceIRenderable
Minimum render task Implement this so custom render operations can be enqueued to the render queue.
Public interfaceIRenderTarget
The base interface of render target
Public interfaceIRenderTexture
The interface of render texture
Public interfaceIRenderWindow
IRenderWindow represents the native window created by operating system that supports rendering.
Public interfaceITexture1D
1D texture
Public interfaceITexture2D
2D texture
Public interfaceITextureCubemap
Cube map texture
Public interfaceITextureUnit
ITextureUnit represents a texture in the memory that shared between GPU and CPU and can be sampled by the shader, where the Texture only represents a reference to an external file. More details can be found
Public interfaceIVertexBuffer
The vertex buffer holds the polygon vertex data that will be sent to rendering pipeline
Public enumerationBlendFactor
Blend factor specify pixel arithmetic.
Public enumerationCompareFunction
The compare function used in depth/stencil testing.
Public enumerationCubeFace
Each face of the cube map texture
Public enumerationCullFaceMode
What face to cull
Public enumerationDrawOperation
The primitive types to render
Public enumerationFrontFace
Define front- and back-facing polygons
Public enumerationIndexDataType
The data type of the elements in IIndexBuffer
Public enumerationPixelFormat
The pixel's format used in texutre unit.
Public enumerationPolygonMode
The polygon rasterization mode
Public enumerationPresetShaders
This defines the preset internal shaders used by the renderer.
Public enumerationRenderQueueGroupId
The group id of render queue
Public enumerationRenderStage
The render stage
Public enumerationStencilAction
The stencil test actions
Public enumerationTextureType
The type of the ITextureUnit
Public enumerationVariableSemantic
Shader variable semantic Renderer will automaticly initialize correct values for shader's variables with correct semantic before rendering.