Class HtmlSaveOptions.HtmlImageSavingInfo

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    public static class HtmlSaveOptions.HtmlImageSavingInfo
    extends SaveOptions.ResourceSavingInfo

    This class represents set of data that related to external resource image file's saving during PDF to HTML conversion.

    • Field Detail

      • ImageType

        public int ImageType

        Represents type of saved image referenced in HTML. Set by converter and can be used in custom code to decide what should be done

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      • ParentType

        public int ParentType

        Saved image can pertain to HTML itself or can be extracted. from SVG embedded to HTML. This property can tell to custom code what's that type of parent of processed image. It set by converter and can be used in custom code to decide what should be done with that image (f.e. custom code can decide where to save image or how it must be referenced in parent's content).

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      • PdfHostPageNumber

        public int PdfHostPageNumber

        Tells to custom code to what page of original PDF document pertains saved image Since it's possible that will be saved not all pages of original document, this value tells us about host page number in original PDF. If original page number for some reason is unknown, it always return '1'

      • HtmlHostPageNumber

        public int HtmlHostPageNumber

        Tells to custom code to what page of generated set of HTML page-files pertains saved image. If splitting on pages turned off this value always contains '1' since in such case Only one HTML page is generated.

    • Constructor Detail

      • HtmlSaveOptions.HtmlImageSavingInfo

        public HtmlSaveOptions.HtmlImageSavingInfo()

        creates new instance of HtmlImageSavingInfo