Class RevisionManifestStart7Fnd

    • Constructor Detail

      • RevisionManifestStart7Fnd

        public RevisionManifestStart7Fnd(FileNodeHeader header,
                                         ExtendedGuid rid,
                                         ExtendedGuid ridDependent,
                                         int revisionRole,
                                         int odcsDefault,
                                         ExtendedGuid gctxid)

        Initializes a new instance of the RevisionManifestStart7Fnd class.

    • Method Detail

      • getRid

        public ExtendedGuid getRid()

        Gets the identity of revision

      • getRidDependent

        public ExtendedGuid getRidDependent()

        Gets the identity of a dependency revision. "{{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}, 0}" -> no dependency revision Otherwise -> value must be equal to the RevisionManifestStart6FND.rid field or the RevisionManifestStart7FND.base.rid field of a previous revision manifest within this revision manifest list

      • getRevisionRole

        public int getRevisionRole()

        Gets the revision role

      • getOdcsDefault

        public int getOdcsDefault()

        Gets whether the data contained by this revision manifest is encrypted. 0x0000 -> No encryption. 0x0002 -> Encrypted. Property sets within this revision manifest MUST be ignored and MUST NOT be altered.

      • getGctxid

        public ExtendedGuid getGctxid()

        Gets the context that labels this revision.

      • equals

        public boolean equals(RevisionManifestStart7Fnd other)

        The equals.

        other - The other.
        The bool.