Class ObjectDeclarationWithRefCountBody

    • Constructor Detail

      • ObjectDeclarationWithRefCountBody

        public ObjectDeclarationWithRefCountBody(CompactId oid,
                                                 long jci,
                                                 long odcs,
                                                 long fReserved1,
                                                 boolean fHasOidReferences,
                                                 boolean fHasOsidReferences,

        Initializes a new instance of the ObjectDeclarationWithRefCountBody class.

        oid - The OID.
        jci - The JCI.
        odcs - The ODCS.
        fReserved1 - The reserved field 1.
        fHasOidReferences - The flag has OID references.
        fHasOsidReferences - The flag has OSID references.
        fReserved2 - The reserved field 2.
    • Method Detail

      • getOid

        public CompactId getOid()

        Gets the identity

      • getJci

        public long getJci()

        Gets the value of the JCID.index field of the object. MUST be 0x01

      • getOdcs

        public long getOdcs()

        Gets whether the data contained by this object is encrypted. MUST be zero

      • getFReserved1

        public long getFReserved1()

        Gets reserved field 1. It must be zero, and MUST be ignored

      • getFHasOidReferences

        public boolean getFHasOidReferences()

        Gets a value indicating whether object contains references to other objects.

      • getFHasOsidReferences

        public boolean getFHasOsidReferences()

        Gets a value indicating whether object contains references to object spaces. MUST be zero

      • getFReserved2

        public getFReserved2()

        Gets reserved field 2. It must be zero, and must be ignored.

      • getStructSize

        public long getStructSize()

        Gets the struct size.

      • toByteArray

        public byte[] toByteArray()

        The to byte array.

        The T:byte[].
        Throws: - Incorrect buffer size.
      • toString

        public String toString()

        The to string.

        toString in class Object
        The string.
      • convertToObjectDeclaration2Body

        public ObjectDeclaration2Body convertToObjectDeclaration2Body()

        Converts ObjectDeclarationWithRefCountBody to ObjectDeclaration2Body