Class LicenseCore

  • public class LicenseCore
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • LicenseCore

        public LicenseCore()
    • Method Detail

      • setLicenseCore

        public void setLicenseCore(String licenseName,
                                   Class clientAssembly)
      • setLicenseCore

        public void setLicenseCore( stream)
      • setThreadContext

        public static void setThreadContext( stream)

        Sets a license context for current thread.

        stream - A stream that contains the license.
      • resetThreadContext

        public static void resetThreadContext()

        Resets a license context for current thread.

      • getLicenseStatePublic

        public static int getLicenseStatePublic()

        Call this from public IsLicensed method only. !!! NOTE: This method was added by EMAILNET-34963. It is a public copy of GetLicenseStateInternal method. This method must called only in public IsLicensed method. Any changes in these methods must be necessarily synchronized!

        The LicenseState object.
      • clearLicense

        public static void clearLicense()