Class PropertyConvert

  • public class PropertyConvert
    extends Object

    Static helper for extracting different values from revision Property instances.

    • Constructor Detail

      • PropertyConvert

        public PropertyConvert()
    • Method Detail

      • toGuid

        public static Guid toGuid(Property property)

        Gets the GUID value from revision Property.

      • toUnicodeString

        public static String toUnicodeString(Property property)

        Gets the string value from revision Property using Unicode encoding.

      • toAsciiString

        public static String toAsciiString(Property property)

        Gets the string value from revision Property using ASCII encoding.

      • toByte

        public static byte toByte(Property property)

        Gets the byte value from revision Property.

      • toInt

        public static int toInt(Property property)

        Gets the integer value from revision Property.

      • toArrayLength

        public static long toArrayLength(Property property)

        Gets the unsigned integer value from revision Property.

      • toIntArray

        public static int[] toIntArray(Property property)

        Gets the array of integer values from revision Property.

      • toByteArray

        public static byte[] toByteArray(Property property)

        Gets the array of byte values from revision Property.

      • toCharArray

        public static char[] toCharArray(Property property)

        Gets the array of character values from revision Property.

      • toFloat

        public static float toFloat(Property property)

        Gets the float value from revision Property.

      • toBool

        public static boolean toBool(Property property)

        Gets the boolean value from revision Property.

      • toDateTime

        public static toDateTime(Property property)

        Gets the DateTime value from revision Property.

      • toColor

        public static toColor(Property property,

        Gets the color value from revision Property.

      • toRgOutlineIndentDistance

        public static RgOutlineIndentDistance toRgOutlineIndentDistance(Property property)

        Gets the RgOutlineIndentDistance value from revision Property.

      • toLayoutAlignment

        public static LayoutAlignment toLayoutAlignment(Property property)

        Gets the LayoutAlignment value from revision Property.

      • toNoteTagPropertyStatus

        public static NoteTagPropertyStatus toNoteTagPropertyStatus(Property property)

        Gets the NoteTagPropertyStatus value from revision Property.

      • toActionItemStatus

        public static ActionItemStatus toActionItemStatus(Property property)

        Gets the ActionItemStatus value from revision Property.