Class FileContainerReferenceProxy

    • Constructor Detail

      • FileContainerReferenceProxy

        public FileContainerReferenceProxy(ExtendedGuid id,
                                           long jcidFormat,
                                           Guid fileDataStoreObjectId,
                                           String extension)

        Initializes a new instance of the FileContainerReferenceProxy class.

        id - The id.
        jcidFormat - The jcid format.
        fileDataStoreObjectId - The file data store object id.
        extension - The extension.
    • Method Detail

      • getFileDataStoreObjectId

        public Guid getFileDataStoreObjectId()

        Gets the file data store object id.

      • getJcidFormat

        public long getJcidFormat()

        Gets the jcid format.

      • getFileDataReference

        public StringInStorageBuffer getFileDataReference()

        Gets the file data reference.