Class ProgressEventHandlerInfo

  • java.lang.Object
    • com.aspose.imaging.progressmanagement.ProgressEventHandlerInfo

  • public class ProgressEventHandlerInfo
    extends Object

    This class represents information about image load/save/export operations progress, that can be used in external application to show conversion progress to end user

    Code example:

    The following example shows how to print information about progress events for load/export operations.

    String dir = "c:\\aspose.imaging\\java\\issues\\1440\\";
    String fileName = dir + "big.png";
    // Example of use of separate operation progress event handlers for load/export operations
    final com.aspose.imaging.ProgressEventHandler loadHandler = new com.aspose.imaging.ProgressEventHandler()
    • Method Detail

      • getDescription

        public final String getDescription()

        Gets the description of the event

        Value: The description.
        the description of the event
      • getEventType

        public final int getEventType()

        Gets the type of the event.

        Value: The type of the event.
        the type of the event.
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      • getMaxValue

        public final int getMaxValue()

        Gets the upper progress value limit.

        Value: The upper progress value limit.
        the upper progress value limit.
      • getValue

        public final int getValue()

        Gets current progress value.

        Value: The progress value.
        current progress value.