Class ImageParameters

  • public class ImageParameters
    extends Object

    Dng image parameters

    • Method Detail

      • getDngVersion

        public long getDngVersion()

        Gets the DNG version.

        Value: The DNG version.
      • getDescription

        public String getDescription()

        Gets the description of colors (RGBG,RGBE,GMCY, or GBTG).

        Value: The cdesc.
      • getModel

        public String getModel()

        Gets the camera model.

        Value: The model.
      • getCameraManufacturer

        public String getCameraManufacturer()

        Gets the camera manufacturer.

        Value: The make.
      • isFoveon

        public long isFoveon()

        Gets the is foveon matrix.

        Value: The is foveon.
      • getSoftware

        public String getSoftware()

        Gets the software.

        Value: The software.
      • getRawCount

        public long getRawCount()

        Gets the number of RAW images in file (0 means that the file has not been recognized).

        Value: The raw count.
      • getFilters

        public long getFilters()

        Gets the Bit mask describing the order of color pixels in the matrix.

        Value: The filters.
      • getColorsCount

        public int getColorsCount()

        Gets the colors.

        Value: The colors.
      • getXmpData

        public String getXmpData()

        Gets the XMP data.

        Value: The XMP data.
      • getTranslationCfaDng

        public String[] getTranslationCfaDng()

        Gets the translation array for CFA mosaic DNG format.

        Value: The xtrans.