Class ImageOtherParameters

  • java.lang.Object
    • com.aspose.imaging.fileformats.dng.decoder.ImageOtherParameters

  • public class ImageOtherParameters
    extends Object

    Other image parameters

    • Method Detail

      • getDescription

        public String getDescription()

        Gets the image description.

        Value: The desc.
      • getArtist

        public String getArtist()

        Gets the author of image.

        Value: The artist.
      • getTimestamp

        public long getTimestamp()

        Gets the date of shooting.

        Value: The timestamp.
      • getShotOrder

        public long getShotOrder()

        Gets serial number of image.

        Value: The shot order.
      • getAperture

        public float getAperture()

        Gets the aperture.

        Value: The aperture.
      • getShutterSpeed

        public float getShutterSpeed()

        Gets the shutter speed.

        Value: The shutter.
      • getGpsData

        public long[] getGpsData()

        Gets the GPS data.

        Value: The GPS data.
      • getFocalLength

        public float getFocalLength()

        Gets the length of the focal.

        Value: The length of the focal.
      • getIsoSpeed

        public float getIsoSpeed()

        Gets the ISO sensitivity.

        Value: The ISO speed.