Class GraphicContext

    • Constructor Detail

      • GraphicContext

        public GraphicContext()
    • Method Detail

      • getLineCap

        public int getLineCap()
      • setLineCap

        public void setLineCap(int value)
      • getLineDashOffset

        public float getLineDashOffset()
      • setLineDashOffset

        public void setLineDashOffset(float value)
      • getLineDashPattern

        public float[] getLineDashPattern()
      • setLineDashPattern

        public void setLineDashPattern(float[] value)
      • getLineDashStyle

        public int getLineDashStyle()
      • setLineDashStyle

        public void setLineDashStyle(int value)
      • getLineJoin

        public int getLineJoin()
      • setLineJoin

        public void setLineJoin(int value)
      • getLineWidth

        public float getLineWidth()
      • setLineWidth

        public void setLineWidth(float value)
      • getMiterLimit

        public float getMiterLimit()
      • setMiterLimit

        public void setMiterLimit(float value)
      • getFillBrush

        public IBrush getFillBrush()
      • setFillBrush

        public void setFillBrush(IBrush value)
      • getStrokeBrush

        public IBrush getStrokeBrush()
      • setStrokeBrush

        public void setStrokeBrush(IBrush value)
      • getFontSize

        public float getFontSize()
      • setFontSize

        public void setFontSize(float value)
      • getFontStyle

        public int getFontStyle()
      • setFontStyle

        public void setFontStyle(int value)
      • getCharacterSpacing

        public float getCharacterSpacing()
      • setCharacterSpacing

        public void setCharacterSpacing(float value)
      • getTransformationMatrix

        public getTransformationMatrix()
      • setTransformationMatrix

        public void setTransformationMatrix( value)
      • transform

        public void transform( matrix)

        Modify the current transformation matrix by multiplying the specified matrix.

        matrix - Transformation matrix.
      • deepClone

        public GraphicContext deepClone()
        Specified by:
        deepClone in interface
      • deepClone_Rename_Namesake

        public Object deepClone_Rename_Namesake()