Interface ITrueTypeFont

  • public interface ITrueTypeFont

    Declares methods for working with truetype font.

    • Method Detail

      • getFamilyName

        String getFamilyName()

        Get the name of the font family.

        Famiy name of font
      • getSubFamilyName

        String getSubFamilyName()

        The Font Subfamily name distinguishes the font in a group with the same Font Family name. This is assumed to address style (italic, oblique) and weight (light, bold, black, etc.). A font with no particular differences in weight or style (e.g. medium weight, not italic and fsSelection bit 6 set) should have the string "Regular" stored in this position.

        Subfamiy name of font
      • getFullFontName

        String getFullFontName()

        This should be a combination of "FamilyName" and "SubFamilyName". Exception: if the font is "Regular" as indicated in "SubFamilyName", then use only the family name contained in "FamilyName". An exception to the above definition of Full font name is for Microsoft platform strings for CFF OpenType fonts: in this case, the Full font name string must be identical to the PostScript FontName in the CFF Name INDEX.

        Full name of font
      • getData_Rename_Namesake getData_Rename_Namesake()

        Open the stream with font data. The caller is responsible for disposing the stream.

        Stream with the font data
      • getDataSize

        float getDataSize()

        Returns the size of the font data in bytes

        Size of the font data
      • getDescent

        float getDescent(float fontSize)

        Returns the descent, in design units. Corresponds to FontFamily.GetCellDescent.

        fontSize - Size of the font.
        The descent.
      • getAscent

        float getAscent(float fontSize)

        Returns the ascent, in design units. Corresponds to FontFamily.GetCellAscent.

        fontSize - Size of the font.
        The ascent.