Interface IBrowsingContext

  • All Superinterfaces:, IServiceContainer, IServiceProvider

    public interface IBrowsingContext
    extends IServiceContainer,

    A browsing context is an environment in which Document objects are presented to the user.

    See Also:
    Services.IServiceProvider, System.IDisposable
    • Method Detail

      • getSecurity

        int getSecurity()

        Gets the sandboxing flag.

        Value: The security.
      • getParent

        IBrowsingContext getParent()

        Gets the parent context, if any.

        Value: The parent.
      • getCreationTime getCreationTime()

        Gets the creation time of the current context.

        Value: The creation time.
      • getActiveDocument

        Document getActiveDocument()

        Gets the current document.

        Value: The active document.
      • getWindow

        IWindow getWindow()

        Gets the WindowProxy object.

        Value: The window.
      • getNetwork

        INetwork getNetwork()

        Gets the network services.

        Value: The network services.
      • getDOMImplementation

        IDOMImplementation getDOMImplementation()

        Gets the DOM implementation.

        Value: The DOM implementation.