Class DOMName

  • public class DOMName
    extends Object

    Represents DOM name object

    • Method Detail

      • getLocalName

        public String getLocalName()

        Gets the name of the local.

        Value: The name of the local.
      • getName

        public String getName()

        Gets the name.

      • getTagName

        public String getTagName()
      • getNamespaceURI

        public String getNamespaceURI()

        Gets the namespace URI.

      • getOwnerDocument

        public Document getOwnerDocument()

        Gets the owner document.

      • getPrefix

        public String getPrefix()

        Gets or sets the prefix.

        Value: The prefix.
      • validateAndExtract

        public static void validateAndExtract(String qualifiedName,
                                              String[] namespaceURI,
                                              String[] prefix,
                                              String[] localName,
                                              Document document)