Class ExchangeDistributionList

  • public class ExchangeDistributionList
    extends Object

    Represents a Distribution List properties

    • Constructor Detail

      • ExchangeDistributionList

        public ExchangeDistributionList()
    • Method Detail

      • getDisplayName

        public final String getDisplayName()

        Display name of list

      • setDisplayName

        public final void setDisplayName(String value)

        Display name of list

      • getId

        public final String getId()

        Id of list

      • setId

        public final void setId(String value)

        Id of list

      • getChangeKey

        public final String getChangeKey()

        Change key of list

      • setChangeKey

        public final void setChangeKey(String value)

        Change key of list

      • toMailAddress

        public final MailAddress toMailAddress()

        Converts the value of the instance to MailAddress.

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