Class ComplexTypeBase

    • Constructor Detail

      • ComplexTypeBase

        public ComplexTypeBase(String prefix,
                               String namespaceUri)

        Initializes a new instance of the ComplexTypeBase class.

        prefix - The prefix.
        namespaceUri - The namespace URI.
        Throws: - prefix is null or namespaceUri is null
    • Method Detail

      • getPrefix

        public String getPrefix()

        Gets the prefix.

        Value: The prefix.
      • getNamespaceUri

        public String getNamespaceUri()

        Gets the default namespace URI.

        Value: The default namespace URI.
      • add_internalized

        public void add_internalized(String key,
                                     Object value)

        Adds the specified key.

        key - The string representation of key that is identified with added value.
        value - The value to add to.