Class DwfWhipPNGGroup4Image

  • public class DwfWhipPNGGroup4Image
    extends DwfWhipDrawable

    Represents whip PNG group for image object

    • Constructor Detail

      • DwfWhipPNGGroup4Image

        public DwfWhipPNGGroup4Image(int formatCode)

        Initializes a new instance of the DwfWhipPNGGroup4Image class

        formatCode - code of format
    • Method Detail

      • getColumns

        public final int getColumns()

        Gets image colums count

      • getRows

        public final int getRows()

        Gets image rows count

      • getMinCorner

        public final DwfWhipLogicalPoint getMinCorner()

        Gets minimal corner of image (top, left)

      • getMaxCorner

        public final DwfWhipLogicalPoint getMaxCorner()

        Gets maximal corner of image (bottom, right)

      • getBinaryData

        public final byte[] getBinaryData()

        Binary dataof image encoded accrording to format