Class DwfWhipDrawable

    • Constructor Detail

      • DwfWhipDrawable

        public DwfWhipDrawable()
    • Method Detail

      • getColor

        public com.aspose.cad.Color getColor()

        Gets or sets Color

      • setColor

        public void setColor(com.aspose.cad.Color value)

        Gets or sets Color

      • setLineWeight

        public void setLineWeight(DwfWhipLineWeight value)

        Gets or sets line weight

      • isVisible

        public boolean isVisible()

        Gets or sets visibility

      • setVisible

        public void setVisible(boolean value)

        Gets or sets visibility

      • getTransformMatrix

        public DwfWhipTransform getTransformMatrix()

        Gets or sets transform matrix

      • setTransformMatrix

        public void setTransformMatrix(DwfWhipTransform value)

        Gets or sets transform matrix

      • setLineStyle

        public void setLineStyle(DwfWhipLineStyle value)

        Gets or sets line style

      • getLayerIndex

        public int getLayerIndex()

        Gets or sets layer index

      • setLayerIndex

        public void setLayerIndex(int value)

        Gets or sets layer index

      • getMinPoint

        public abstract Cad3DPoint getMinPoint()

        Gets the min point of object.

        Min point of object.
      • getMaxPoint

        public abstract Cad3DPoint getMaxPoint()

        Gets the max point of object.

        Max point of object.