Class DwfEPlotPage

  • public class DwfEPlotPage
    extends Object

    Represents Dwf page that implements EPlot interface

    • Constructor Detail

      • DwfEPlotPage

        public DwfEPlotPage(String filename)

        Initializes a new instance of the DwfEPlotPage class

        filename - name of file
    • Method Detail

      • getWhipDrawableObjects_internalized

        public<com.aspose.cad_internal.fileformats.dwf.whip.objects.drawable.DwfWhipDrawable> getWhipDrawableObjects_internalized()

        Read only collection of drawable objects

      • getEntities

        public<com.aspose.cad_internal.fileformats.dwf.whip.objects.drawable.DwfWhipDrawable> getEntities()

        Read only collection of drawable objects

      • getObjectId

        public String getObjectId()

        Gets object ID

      • getColor

        public String getColor()

        Gets background color

      • getName

        public String getName()

        Gets page name

      • getPlotOrder

        public int getPlotOrder()

        Gets plot order

      • getUnitType

        public int getUnitType()

        Gets unit type

      • getMaxPoint

        public Cad3DPoint getMaxPoint()

        Gets the max point.

      • getMinPoint

        public Cad3DPoint getMinPoint()

        Gets the min point.

      • loadDrawableResources

        public void loadDrawableResources(String basePath)

        Loads drawable resources from file by path

        basePath - path to file