Class DgnTextElement

    • Constructor Detail

      • DgnTextElement

        public DgnTextElement(byte[] rawData,
                      boolean is3DElementExpected)

        Initializes a new instance of the DgnTextElement class

        rawData - raw data
        is3DElementExpected - is 3D
    • Method Detail

      • getFontId

        public int getFontId()

        Gets or sets font id

      • getJustification

        public int getJustification()

        Gets or sets justification

      • getLengthMultiplier

        public double getLengthMultiplier()

        Gets or sets char width in master units

      • getHeightMultiplier

        public double getHeightMultiplier()

        Gets or sets char height in master units

      • getRotation

        public double getRotation()

        Gets or sets counterclockwise rotation in degrees

      • getQuaternionRotations

        public int[] getQuaternionRotations()

        Gets or sets counterclockwise quaternion rotations in degrees

      • getOrigin

        public DgnPoint getOrigin()

        Gets or sets Bottom left corner of text

      • getText

        public String getText()

        Gets actual text

      • applyTransformation_internalized

        public void applyTransformation_internalized(double scale,
                                            DgnPoint originPoint)

        Apply transformation to the element

        applyTransformation_internalized in class DgnElement
        scale - scale factor
        originPoint - point of origin
      • getTextSize

        public SizeF getTextSize()

        Gets text size in UOR