Class DgnSurfaceElement

    • Constructor Detail

      • DgnSurfaceElement

        public DgnSurfaceElement(byte[] rawData)

        Initializes a new instance of the DgnSurfaceElement class from raw data

        rawData - Raw data
    • Method Detail

      • isRational

        public boolean isRational()

        Gets a value indicating whether the surface is rational

      • isUniform

        public boolean isUniform()

        Gets or sets a value indicating whether the surface is uniformed

      • setUniform

        public void setUniform(boolean value)

        Gets or sets a value indicating whether the surface is uniformed

      • getPropertiesU

        public byte getPropertiesU()

        Gets Properties for U

      • getOrderU

        public byte getOrderU()

        Gets Order for U

      • getPolesCountU

        public int getPolesCountU()

        Gets poles count for U

      • getKnotsCountU

        public int getKnotsCountU()

        Gets knots count for U

      • getRuleLinesU

        public int getRuleLinesU()

        Gets rule lines for U

      • getPropertiesV

        public byte getPropertiesV()

        Gets Properties for V

      • getOrderV

        public byte getOrderV()

        Gets Order for V

      • getPolesCountV

        public int getPolesCountV()

        Gets poles count for V

      • getKnotsCountV

        public int getKnotsCountV()

        Gets knots count for V

      • getRuleLinesV

        public int getRuleLinesV()

        Gets rule lines for V

      • getSurfaceType

        public int getSurfaceType()

        Gets surface type

      • getBoundElementsCount

        public int getBoundElementsCount()

        Gets bound elements count

      • addBound_internalized

        public void addBound_internalized(DgnDrawingElementBase boundElement)

        Adds bound for surface

        boundElement - bound element
      • addPole_internalized

        public void addPole_internalized(DgnSplinePoleElement poleElement)

        Adds surface pole

        poleElement - pole element
      • addWeightFactor_internalized

        public void addWeightFactor_internalized(DgnSplineWeightFactorElement knotWeight)

        Adds weight factor

        knotWeight - weight factor
      • applyTransformation_internalized

        public void applyTransformation_internalized(double scale,
                                            DgnPoint originPoint)

        Apply transformation to the element

        applyTransformation_internalized in class DgnElement
        scale - scale factor
        originPoint - point of origin