Class DgnArcBasedElement

    • Constructor Detail

      • DgnArcBasedElement

        public DgnArcBasedElement()
    • Method Detail

      • getOrigin

        public DgnPoint getOrigin()

        Gets or sets Origin of ellipse

      • getPrimaryAxis

        public double getPrimaryAxis()

        Gets or sets Primary axis length

      • getSecondaryAxis

        public double getSecondaryAxis()

        Gets or sets Secondary axis length

      • getRotation

        public double getRotation()

        Gets or sets Counterclockwise rotation in degrees

      • getQuaternionRotations

        public int[] getQuaternionRotations()

        Gets or sets

      • getStartAngle

        public double getStartAngle()

        Gets or sets Start angle (degrees counterclockwise of primary axis)

      • getSweepAngle

        public double getSweepAngle()

        Gets or sets Sweep angle (degrees)