Class CadBlockRecordList

  • All Implemented Interfaces:,,,, Iterable

    public class CadBlockRecordList
    extends NonGenericList

    The cad view dictionary The following group codes apply to VPORT symbol table entries. The VPORT table is unique: it may contain several entries with the same name (indicating a multiple-viewport configuration). The entries corresponding to the active viewport configuration all have the name *ACTIVE. The first such entry describes the current viewport. Since the name is not unique, we use List as a container

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      • Parameters

        public<CadCodeValue> Parameters

        The parameters

    • Constructor Detail

      • CadBlockRecordList

        public CadBlockRecordList()

        Initializes a new instance of the CadBlockRecordList class.

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      • deepClone

        public Object deepClone()

        The clone.

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        deepClone in interface
        The object.
      • addRange

        public void addRange(CadBlockTableObject[] objects)

        Adds the range of the objects to container.

        objects - The objects array.