IColorPalette Interface
The color palette interface.

Namespace: Aspose.Imaging
Assembly: Aspose.Imaging (in Aspose.Imaging.dll) Version: 21.12
public interface IColorPalette

The IColorPalette type exposes the following members.

Public propertyArgb32Entries
Gets an array of 32-bit ARGB structures.
Public propertyEntries
Gets an array of Color structures.
Public propertyEntriesCount
Gets the entries count.
Public propertyIsCompactPalette
Gets a value indicating whether compact palette is used.
Public methodGetArgb32Color
Gets the 32-bit ARGB palette color by index.
Public methodGetColor
Gets the palette color by index.
Public methodGetNearestColorIndex(Int32)
Gets the index of the nearest 32-bit ARGB color.
Public methodGetNearestColorIndex(Color)
Gets the index of the nearest color.
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