Aspose.Imaging.Shapes Namespace
The namespace contains different shapes combined from shape segments.
Public classCode exampleArcShape
Represents an arc shape.
Public classBezierShape
Represents a bezier spline.
Public classCurveShape
Represents a curved spline shape.
Public classCode exampleEllipseShape
Represents an ellipse shape.
Public classCode examplePieShape
Represents a pie shape.
Public classCode examplePolygonShape
Represents a polygon shape.
Public classRectangleProjectedShape
Represents a shape which is projected over rectangle turned to a particular orientation. Specified by four points which can be rotated in space maintaining the same edges length and 90 degrees between adjacent edges.
Public classCode exampleRectangleShape
Represents a rectangular shape.
Public classTextShape
Represents a text shape.