WmfRecordType Enumeration
wmf Record type

Namespace: Aspose.Imaging.FileFormats.Wmf.Consts
Assembly: Aspose.Imaging (in Aspose.Imaging.dll) Version: 21.04
public enum WmfRecordType
  Member nameValueDescription
Eof0 The EOF record type
RealizePalette53 The realizepalette
SetPalentries55 The setpalentries
SetBkMode258 The setbkmode
SetMapMode259 The setmapmode
SetRop2260 The setrop2
SetRelabs261 The setrelabs
SetPolyfillMode262 The setpolyfillmode
SetStretchbltMode263 The setstretchbltmode
SetTextCharExtra264 The settextcharextra
RestoreDc295 The restoredc
ResizePalette313 The resizepalette
DibCreatePatternBrush322 The dibcreatepatternbrush
SetLayout329 The setlayout
SetBkColor513 The setbkcolor
SetTextColor521 The settextcolor
OffsetViewPortOrg529 The offsetviewportorg
LineTo531 The lineto
MoveTo532 The moveto
OffsetClipRgn544 The offsetcliprgn
FillRegion552 The fillregion
SetMapperFlags561 The setmapperflags
SelectPalette564 The selectpalette
Polygon804 The polygon
PolyLine805 The polyline
SetTextJustification522 The settextjustification
SetWindowOrg523 The setwindoworg
SetWindowExt524 The setwindowext
SetViewPortOrg525 The setviewportorg
SetViewportExt526 The setviewportext
OffsetWindowOrg527 The offsetwindoworg
ScaleWindowExt1040 The scalewindowext
ScaleViewportExt1042 The scaleviewportext
ExcludeClipRect1045 The excludecliprect
IntersectClipRect1046 The intersectcliprect
Ellipse1048 The ellipse
FloodFill1049 The floodfill
FrameRegion1065 The frameregion
AnimatePalette1078 The animatepalette
TextOut1313 The textout
PolyPolygon1336 The polypolygon
ExtFloodFill1352 The extfloodfill
Rectangle1051 The rectangle
SetPixel1055 The setpixel
RoundRect1564 The roundrect
PatBlt1565 The patblt
SaveDc30 The savedc
Pie2074 The pie record type
StretchBlt2851 The stretchblt
Escape1574 The escape
InvertRegion298 The invertregion
PaintRegion299 The paintregion
SelectClipRegion300 The selectclipregion
SelectObject301 The selectobject
SetTextAlign302 The settextalign
Arc2071 The arc record type
Chord2096 The chord record type
BitBlt2338 The bitblt
ExtTextOut2610 The exttextout
SetDibToDev3379 The setdibtodev
DibBitBlt2368 The dibbitblt
DibStretchBlt2881 The dibstretchblt
StretchDib3907 The stretchdib
DeleteObject496 The deleteobject
CreatePalette247 The createpalette
CreatePatternBrush505 The createpatternbrush
CreatePenInDirect762 The createpenindirect
CreateFontInDirect763 The createfontindirect
CreateBrushInDirect764 The createbrushindirect
CreateRegion1791 The createregion
None-1 The record type none.
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