Aspose.Imaging.FileFormats.OpenDocument.Objects.Graphic Namespace
The Open document graphic objects
Public classOdAngleEllipse
The Enhanced angle ellipse
Public classOdArc
The Enhanced Arc
Public classOdCircle
The circle object
Public classOdClosePath
The close path
Public classOdConnector
The connector
Public classOdContainer
The Container
Public classOdCurveTo
The Enhanced CurveTo
Public classOdCustomShape
The open document custom-shape.
Public classOdEllipticalQundrant
The elliptical quadrant
Public classOdEndPath
The enhanced end path
Public classOdEnhancedGeometry
The Enhanced geometry object.
Public classOdEquation
The open document equation
Public classOdFrame
The open document object frame
Public classOdGraphicObject
The open document graphic object.
Public classOdImageObject
The open document image
Public classOdLine
The line object
Public classOdLineTo
The enhanced lineTo
Public classOdList
The List object
Public classOdListItem
The list item
Public classOdMarker
The Marker
Public classOdMeasure
The Measure
Public classOdMoveTo
The Enhanced moveTo
Public classOdNoFillPath
The no fill path marker
Public classOdNoStrokePath
Specifies that the current set of sub-paths will not be stroked.
Public classOdPage
The Open document page.
Public classOdPath
The open document object path
Public classOdPolygon
The polygon
Public classOdPolyLine
The polyline
Public classOdRectangle
The rectangle object
Public classOdShortCurveTo
The short CurveTo
Public classOdStyledObject
The open document styled graphic object.
Public classOdText
The text object
Public classOdTextBox
The text box
Public classOdTextMeasure
The text measure
Public classOdTextParagraph
The text paragraph
Public classOdTextSpan
The text span