EmfPlusRegionNode Class
The EmfPlusRegionNode object specifies nodes of a graphics region.
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Namespace: Aspose.Imaging.FileFormats.Emf.EmfPlus.Objects
Assembly: Aspose.Imaging (in Aspose.Imaging.dll) Version: 21.05
public sealed class EmfPlusRegionNode : EmfPlusStructureObjectType

The EmfPlusRegionNode type exposes the following members.

Public methodEmfPlusRegionNode
Initializes a new instance of the EmfPlusRegionNode class
Public propertyRegionNodeData
Gets or sets an optional, variable-length data that defines the region node data object specified in the Type field. The content and format of the data can be different for every region node type. This field MUST NOT be present if the node type is RegionNodeDataTypeEmpty or RegionNodeDataTypeInfinite This object is generic and is used to specify different types of region node data, including: An EmfPlusRegionNodePath object (section, for a terminal node; An EmfPlusRectF object (section, for a terminal node; and An EmfPlusRegionNodeChildNodes object (section, for a non-terminal node.
Public propertyType
Gets or sets 32-bit unsigned integer that specifies the type of data in the RegionNodeData field. This value MUST be defined in the RegionNodeDataType enumeration (section
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