ImageParameters Class
Dng image parameters
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Namespace: Aspose.Imaging.FileFormats.Dng.Decoder
Assembly: Aspose.Imaging (in Aspose.Imaging.dll) Version: 21.04
public class ImageParameters

The ImageParameters type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCode exampleCameraManufacturer
Gets the camera manufacturer.
Public propertyCode exampleColorsCount
Gets the colors.
Public propertyCode exampleDescription
Gets the description of colors (RGBG,RGBE,GMCY, or GBTG).
Public propertyCode exampleDngVersion
Gets the DNG version.
Public propertyCode exampleFilters
Gets the Bit mask describing the order of color pixels in the matrix.
Public propertyIsFoveon
Gets the is foveon matrix.
Public propertyCode exampleModel
Gets the camera model.
Public propertyCode exampleRawCount
Gets the number of RAW images in file (0 means that the file has not been recognized).
Public propertyCode exampleSoftware
Gets the software.
Public propertyCode exampleTranslationCfaDng
Gets the translation array for CFA mosaic DNG format.
Public propertyXmpData
Gets the XMP data.
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