CmxCommandCodes Enumeration
Page command codes

Namespace: Aspose.Imaging.FileFormats.Cmx.ObjectModel.Enums
Assembly: Aspose.Imaging (in Aspose.Imaging.dll) Version: 21.05
public enum CmxCommandCodes
  Member nameValueDescription
AddClippingRegion88 The add clipping region command
AddGlobalTransform94 The add global transform command
BeginEmbedded22 The begin embedded file command
BeginGroup13 The begin group command
BeginLayer11 The begin layer command
BeginPage9 The begin page command
BeginParagraph99 The begin paragraph command
BeginProcedure17 The begin procedure command
BeginTextGroup72 The begin text group command
BeginTextObject70 The begin text object command
BeginTextStream20 The begin text stream command
CharInfo101 The character information command
Characters102 The characters command
ClearClipping90 The clear clipping command
Comment2 The comment command
DrawImage69 The draw image command
DrawChars65 The draw chars command
Ellipse66 The ellipse command
EndEmbedded23 The end embedded file command
EndGroup14 The end group command
EndLayer12 The end layer command
EndPage10 The end page command
EndParagraph100 The end paragraph command
EndSection18 The end section command
EndTextGroup73 The end text group command
EndTextObject71 The end text object command
EndTextStream21 The end text stream command
JumpAbsolute111 The jump to absolute position command
PolyCurve67 The poly curve command
PopMappingMode92 The pop mapping mode command
PopTint104 The pop tint command
PushMappingMode91 The push mapping mode command
PushTint103 The push tint command
Rectangle68 The rectangle command
RemoveLastClippingRegion89 The remove last clipping region command
RestoreLastGlobalTransfo95 The restore last global transformation command
SetCharStyle85 The set character style command
SetGlobalTransfo93 The set global transformation command
SimpleWideText86 The simple wide text command
TextFrame98 The text frame command
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