Aspose.Imaging.CoreExceptions.ImageFormats Namespace
The namespace contains exceptions thrown by one of the file formats supported.
Public classBmpImageException
The bmp image exception.
Public classDicomImageException
The Dicom image exception.
Public classDjvuImageException
The DJVU image exception.
Public classEmfException
Exception for Emf classes
Public classGifImageException
The Gif image exception.
Public classJpeg2000Exception
Exceptions for Jpeg files
Public classJpegException
Exceptions for Jpeg files
Public classJpegLoadException
Represents the JPEG image loading exception.
Public classPngImageException
The png image exception.
Public classPsdImageException
The psd image exception.
Public classSvgImageException
The SVG image exception class.
Public classTiffImageException
The Tiff image exception