Aspose.Html.Net Namespace
The Aspose.Html.Net namespace is presented by classes and interfaces which are responsible for helping easy network processing.
Public classByteArrayContent
Represents content based on a byte array.
Public classContent
Represents a base class for an HTTP entity body and content headers.
Public classContentHeaders
Contains the headers associated with a content.
Public classFormUrlEncodedContent
A container for name/value tuples encoded using application/x-www-form-urlencoded MIME type.
Public classHttpMethod
Represents utility class for retrieving and comparing standard HTTP methods.
Public classMessageFilter
Represents abstract base class for different classes of filters used to query messages
Public classMessageHandler
Represents a base type for message handlers.
Public classMessageHandlerCollection
Represents collection of the MessageHandler.
Public classMultipartContent
Represents a multipart/* content.
Public classMultipartFormDataContent
Represent content for multipart/form-data encoding algorithm
Public classRequestHeaders
Contains protocol headers associated with a request.
Public classRequestMessage
Represents a request message.
Public classResponseHeaders
Contains protocol headers associated with a response.
Public classResponseMessage
Represents a response message.
Public classStreamContent
Represents content based on a stream.
Public classStringContent
Represents content based on a string.
Public classUrlResolver
Represents utility class for resolving absolute URL by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).
Public interfaceINetwork
Provides an interface for network services.
Public interfaceINetworkOperationContext
Provides contextual information for the network services.