ITreeWalker Properties

The ITreeWalker type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCurrentNode
The node at which the TreeWalker is currently positioned. Alterations to the DOM tree may cause the current node to no longer be accepted by the TreeWalker's associated filter. currentNode may also be explicitly set to any node, whether or not it is within the subtree specified by the root node or would be accepted by the filter and whatToShow flags. Further traversal occurs relative to currentNode even if it is not part of the current view, by applying the filters in the requested direction; if no traversal is possible, currentNode is not changed.
Public propertyFilter
The NodeFilter used to screen nodes.
(Inherited from ITraversal.)
Public propertyRoot
The root node of the NodeIterator, as specified when it was created.
(Inherited from ITraversal.)
Public propertyWhatToShow
This attribute determines which node types are presented via the iterator. The available set of constants is defined in the NodeFilter interface. Nodes not accepted by whatToShow will be skipped, but their children may still be considered. Note that this skip takes precedence over the filter, if any.
(Inherited from ITraversal.)
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