Aspose.Html.Dom.Events Namespace
The Aspose.Html.Dom.Events namespace provides objects for any events related DOM updating. It includes subscription to specific contextual information observation associated with event as well as custom events construction.
Public classCustomEvent
Events using the CustomEvent interface can be used to carry custom data.
Public classDocumentLoadErrorEvent
The DocumentLoadErrorEvent occurres when the requested resource is not available.
Public classErrorEvent
The ErrorEvent provides contextual information about an errors that occurred during runtime.
Public classEvent
The Event is used to provide contextual information about an event to the handler processing the event.
Public classFocusEvent
The FocusEvent interface provides specific contextual information associated with Focus events.
Public classInputEvent
Input events are sent as notifications whenever the DOM is being updated.
Public classKeyboardEvent
The KeyboardEvent interface provides specific contextual information associated with keyboard devices. Each keyboard event references a key using a value. Keyboard events are commonly directed at the element that has the focus.
Public classMouseEvent
The MouseEvent interface provides specific contextual information associated with Mouse events.
Public classUIEvent
The UIEvent interface provides specific contextual information associated with User Interface events.
Public classWheelEvent
The WheelEvent interface provides specific contextual information associated with wheel events. To create an instance of the WheelEvent interface, use the WheelEvent constructor, passing an optional WheelEventInit dictionary.
Public interfaceIDocumentEvent
The IDocumentEvent interface provides a mechanism by which the user can create an Event of a type supported by the implementation.
Public interfaceIEventListener
The IEventListener interface is the primary method for handling events. Users implement the IEventListener interface and register their listener on an EventTarget using the AddEventListener(String, DOMEventHandler, Boolean) method. The users should also remove their IEventListener from its EventTarget after they have completed using the listener.
Public interfaceIEventTarget
The EventTarget interface is implemented by all Nodes in an implementation which supports the DOM Event Model. Therefore, this interface can be obtained by using binding-specific casting methods on an instance of the Node interface. The interface allows registration and removal of Event Listeners on an EventTarget and dispatch of events to that IEventTarget.
Public delegateDOMEventHandler
Represents the callback for event handling.