ICanvasDrawingStyles Interface
The ICanvasDrawingStyles interface provides methods and properties control how lines are drawn and how text is laid out.

Namespace: Aspose.Html.Dom.Canvas
Assembly: Aspose.HTML (in Aspose.HTML.dll) Version: 21.4
public interface ICanvasDrawingStyles

The ICanvasDrawingStyles type exposes the following members.

Public propertyFont
Font setting. Default value 10px sans-serif
Public propertyLineCap
Type of endings on the end of lines. Possible values: butt (default), round, square.
Public propertyLineDashOffset
Specifies where to start a dash array on a line.
Public propertyLineJoin
Defines the type of corners where two lines meet. Possible values: round, bevel, miter (default).
Public propertyLineWidth
Width of lines. Default 1.0
Public propertyMiterLimit
Miter limit ratio. Default 10.
Public propertyTextAlign
Text alignment setting. Possible values: start (default), end, left, right or center.
Public propertyTextBaseline
Baseline alignment setting. Possible values: top, hanging, middle, alphabetic (default), ideographic, bottom.
Public methodGetLineDash
Returns the current line dash pattern array containing an even number of non-negative numbers.
Public methodSetLineDash
Sets the current line dash pattern.
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