Interface ISVGAnimatedPoints

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    SVGPolygonElement, SVGPolylineElement

    public interface ISVGAnimatedPoints

    The SVGAnimatedPoints interface supports elements which have a ‘points’ attribute which holds a list of coordinate values and which support the ability to animate that attribute. Additionally, the ‘points’ attribute on the original element accessed via the XML DOM(e.g., using the getAttribute() method call) will reflect any changes made to points.

    • Method Detail

      • getPoints

        SVGPointList getPoints()

        Provides access to the base (i.e., static) contents of the ‘points’ attribute.

        Value: The content of the ‘points’ attribute
      • getAnimatedPoints

        SVGPointList getAnimatedPoints()

        Provides access to the current animated contents of the ‘points’ attribute. If the given attribute or property is being animated, contains the current animated value of the attribute or property. If the given attribute or property is not currently being animated, contains the same value as points.

        Value: The animated points.