Class SVGMatrix

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    public class SVGMatrix
    extends SVGValueType

    Many of SVG's graphics operations utilize 2x3 matrices of the form: [a c e] [b d f] which, when expanded into a 3x3 matrix for the purposes of matrix arithmetic, become: [a c e] [b d f] [0 0 1]

    • Field Detail

      • Matrix

        public com.aspose.html.common.drawing.DrMatrix Matrix
    • Constructor Detail

      • SVGMatrix

        public SVGMatrix()
      • SVGMatrix

        public SVGMatrix(float m11,
                         float m12,
                         float m21,
                         float m22,
                         float m31,
                         float m32)
      • SVGMatrix

        public SVGMatrix(com.aspose.html.common.drawing.DrMatrix matrix)