Interface ICSSStyleSheet

    • Method Detail

      • getOwnerRule

        ICSSRule getOwnerRule()

        If this style sheet comes from an @import rule, the ownerRule attribute will contain the CSSImportRule. In that case, the ownerNode attribute in the StyleSheet interface will be null. If the style sheet comes from an element or a processing instruction, the ownerRule attribute will be null and the ownerNode attribute will contain the Node.

      • getCSSRules

        ICSSRuleList getCSSRules()

        The list of all CSS rules contained within the style sheet. This includes both rule sets and at-rules.

      • insertRule

        long insertRule(java.lang.String rule,
                                                             int index)

        Used to insert a new rule into the style sheet. The new rule now becomes part of the cascade.

        rule - The style rule.
        index - The rule index.
        The inserted index
      • deleteRule

        void deleteRule(int index)

        Used to delete a rule from the style sheet.

        index - The index.