Aspose.Gis.Rendering.Symbolizers Namespace

Aspose.Gis.Rendering.Symbolizers namespace provides classes for configuring rendering vector features.
Public classGeometryGenerator
Decorate a symbolizer to modify feature's geometry before rendering.
Public classLayeredSymbolizer
A symbolizer that renders several other symbolizers.
Public classMarkerCluster
Marker cluster symbolizer.
Public classMarkerLine
Marker line symbolizer.
Public classMarkerPatternFill
Marker pattern fill symbolizer.
Public classMixedGeometrySymbolizer
Applies correct symbolizer to a feature geometry according to its geometry type.
Public classNullVectorSymbolizer
The NullSymbolizer draws nothing and effectively skips rendering of a geometry it is applied to.
Public classRasterImageMarker
This symbolizer renders a provided raster image.
Public classRule
A user-defined rule for RuleBasedSymbolizer.
Public classRuleBasedSymbolizer
Applies a symbolizer to feature geometries according to user-defined rules.
Public classSimpleFill
Simple polygon symbolizer.
Public classSimpleLine
Simple line symbolizer.
Public classSimpleMarker
Simple point symbolizer.
Public classVectorSymbolizer
The abstract root class for the symbolizers that render vector features.
Public enumerationHorizontalAnchor
Specifies side to be aligned horizontally.
Public enumerationMarkerShapeType
A shape type of the marker.
Public enumerationRenderingOrder
Determines the rendering order.
Public enumerationVerticalAnchor
Specifies side to be aligned vertically.