Aspose.Gis.Rendering.Labelings Namespace

Aspose.Gis.Rendering.Labelings namespace provides classes for configuring vector features labeling.
Public classLabeling
The abstract root class for labelings, classes that describe how to place labels on features.
Public classLabelingRule
A user-defined rule for RuleBasedLabeling.
Public classLabelPlacement
Label placement specifies how labels are placed relatively to feature's geometry.
Public classLineLabelPlacement
Line label placement places labels along line.
Public classNullLabeling
The NullLabeling skips labeling of a geometry it is applied to.
Public classPointLabelPlacement
Points label placement places labels near geometries centers.
Public classRuleBasedLabeling
Applies a labeling to feature according to user-defined rules.
Public classSimpleLabeling
A simple labeling places label on every feature.
Public enumerationFontStyle
Specifies style to be applied to text.
Public enumerationLineLabelAlignment
Specifies how the label is aligned with the line.
Public enumerationMultipartMode
Specifies how labels are rendered for features that contain multipart geometries.