Aspose.Gis.Rendering Namespace

Aspose.Gis.Rendering namespace provides classes for rendering maps.
Public classMap
Map is a collection of layers that can be rendered on top of each other via Renderer.
Public classMapLayer
A MapLayeris a base class for layers inside the Map.
Public classRasterMapLayer
A layer inside Map that represents a raster layer data.
Public classRasterMapResampling
This class describes how to resample a raster layer when rendering a map.
Public classRenderer
A base class for renderers.
Public classRenderers
Renderers for all supported formats.
Public classVectorMapLayer
A layer inside Map that represents a vector layer data.
Public structureMeasurement
A number that indicates a render measurement.
Public enumerationCapStyle
Specifies how lines are rendered at their ends.
Public enumerationFillStyle
Specifies a filling pattern.
Public enumerationLineJoin
Determines how lines are rendered at intersections of line segments.
Public enumerationStrokeStyle
Specifies a stroke style.
Public enumerationUnit
A unit of measurement.