Aspose.Font.Glyphs Namespace

The Aspose.Font.Glyphs namespace provides classes describing glyph objects.
Public classCompositeGlyph
Represents a font composite glyph.
Public classCompositeGlyphComponent
Represents composite glyph component (glyph with placement matrix).
Public classCompositeGlyphComponentList
Represents composite glyph components list.
Public classGlyph
Represents a Font glyph.
Public classGlyphId
Represents glyph ids, available in the Font. Glyph id is a unique number for a glyph, which is font type dependent. For example: Type1's id is a glyph name, instance of (GlyphStringId) class. TTF's id is an int index, instance of (GlyphUInt32Id) class.
Public classGlyphIdList
Represents glyph id list.
Public classGlyphStringId
Represents string glyph id.
Public classGlyphUInt32Id
Represents integer glyph id.
Public interfaceIGlyphAccessor
Defines functionality to retrieve specified glyph identifiers and glyphs.
Public enumerationGlyphIdType
Specifies types of glyph id.
Public enumerationGlyphState
Specifies the glyph state.