Aspose.Email.PersonalInfo.VCard Namespace

The Aspose.Email.PersonalInfo.VCard namespace contains classes for work with VCard file format.
Public classVCardAgent
Represents a vCard Agent property
Public classVCardContact
Represents a vCard contact
Public classVCardDeliveryAddress
Represents a vCard delivery address
Public classVCardDeliveryAddressCollection
Represents a collection of VCardDeliveryAddresses
Public classVCardEmail
Represents vCard email
Public classVCardEmailCollection
Represents a collection of VCardEmails
Public classVCardExplanatoryInfo
Represents vCard explanatory properties
Public classVCardFullName
Represents vCard contact full name (N property)
Public classVCardGeo
Represents a global positioning of vCard contact
Public classVCardIdentificationInfo
Represents vCard identification information
Public classVCardOrganization
Represents vCard organization properties
Public classVCardPhoto
Represents vCard photo property
Public classVCardSaveOptions
Represents vCard save options
Public classVCardSecurity
Represents a vCard security properties
Public classVCardSound
Represents a vCard sound property
Public classVCardTelephoneNumber
Represents a vCard telephone number
Public classVCardTelephoneNumberCollection
Represents a collection of VCardTelephoneNumbers
Public classVCardUrl
Represents a vCard URL property
Public classVCardUrlCollection
Represents a collection of VCardUrls
Public enumerationVCardDeliveryAddressType
Enumerates a vCard delivery address types
Public enumerationVCardEmailType
Enumerates vCard email types
Public enumerationVCardPhotoType
Enumerates vCard photo type
Public enumerationVCardSoundType
Enumerates a cVard sound types
Public enumerationVCardTelephoneType
Enumerates a vCard telephone types
Public enumerationVCardUrlType
Enumerates url type
Public enumerationVCardValueLocation
Enumerates the vCard property parameter ValueLocation.
Public enumerationVCardVersion
Enumerates vCard version